PayneWrites’ Thirty Day Character Challenge.

Some of us have a lot of characters. Some of us struggle to find the time to develop them as well as others who only have one or two character.  So, that’s why I present you with my character challenge! I am writing this primarily for myself,  but please do it yourself if you think it sounds fun!

This challenge will be written to be a thirty day challenge, but if you’re like me and can’t remember to do a part of it every day, don’t feel bad if you do it all at once, or in the timespan of a year! As long as you’re enjoying getting creative with your characters, that’s all you have to worry about!

Here’s how we’ll start. First, make a list of characters. It doesn’t matter how many. You can use one, or you can use thirty! Just make sure you don’t overload it, because each character you list will get at least one post per day/challenge. And feel free to edit this challenge to your liking! Here we go!

  1. Getting to know your character. Tell us about them! Full name, age, FC/appearance, relationship status, gender, sexuality, likes, dislikes, hometown, current residence, date of birth, zodiac sign, religion, hair color, eye color, favorite food, hobbies, best friend, family, education, profession, biography, good traits, bad traits, and a few random facts to top it off! Have fun!

  2. About their love life. Is your character taken? Single? Dating three people at once? Tell us about their significant other, or what they look for in one, why they don’t have one, how they do in a relationship…go nuts!

  3. What about their family? Siblings, parents, etc.

  4. About their best friend. How did they meet? What makes them work? How close are they? If they don’t have a best friend, talk about an old best friend or someone they trust everything with. Or talk about how your character is a cool badass that don’t need no friends.

  5. Describe their personality, in-depth. Are they shy? Sweet? Rude? Crude? Shallow?

  6. A detailed biography or timeline of their life. If you want to write a full, detailed biography about them, go ahead! If you don’t have the kind of time, make a timeline starting at their birth all the way until now.

  7. A peek inside of their head. Write a journal entry as your character! Even if you can’t see them keeping a journal, write as if they’re writing a letter to someone they trust.

  8. A peek inside their heart. Write your character a poem! It can be in first or third person. A haiku or a three-page song. You don’t have to be the next Robert Frost in order to enjoy this one.

  9. How do they sleep? Kind of odd, but fun nonetheless. Do they sleep in a nightgown? In their underwear? On their back or side? Do they talk in their sleep? Do they need a certain stuffed animal in order to sleep? Do they have chronic nightmares or insomnia?

  10. A peek inside their wardrobe. How do they dress before going out for the day? Use Polyvore or describe it to us, whatever makes you comfortable!

  11. A peek into their iPod. Do they listen to One Direction and Nicki Minaj? Or do they prefer the good ol’ classics, like Queen and the Beatles?

  12. Genderbend! What would happen if your character was born their opposing gender?

  13. Cell phone. If your character is historic and wouldn’t have a phone or is futuristic and phones are, like, so 21st century, feel free to convert this into an old-fashioned address book or into a holographic thingamajig. What model is it? Do they want a new one? Who’s in the contacts list? Who’s their most-used contact? What apps would they have?

  14. Blast to the past. What did they look like growing up?

  15. Education Destination. Do they do well in school? Are they straight A students? Do they just not care? Was your character a dork in high school? How are they faring in college?

  16. Passions. A look into what they love, why they love it, and what got them into it.

  17. Deepest secret. What is something that only they and maybe their best friend know?

  18. Quirks. What makes them tick? Is there a certain thing they do?

  19. How do they walk and talk? How do you imagine your character’s voice and walk? Do they shuffle around with no self confidence? Do they saunter around? Is their voice loud and high, or low and comforting?

  20. Ten years from now…Where will your character be in ten years?

  21. The family tree. Who are their grandparents? Great-Grandparents? Do they have any children in the future?

  22. Role model. Who do they look up to?

  23. A favorite quote. Give me something your character has said that you really, really like, or that really sums them up as a character.

  24. You and your character. When did you create them? How? Why? How have they developed in the past year? How much does this character mean to you? If the current RP they were in died or is dead, would you want to write them again?

  25. Self-image. Does your character love themselves? Hate themselves? What are they most self-conscious about?

  26. Favorites! Tv-shows, songs, artists, colors, foods…

  27. What if…your character’s S.O. dumped them? Their best friend stopped talking to them? Someone close to them committed suicide or died? What if they lost a leg or an arm? What would they do?

  28. Religion. Elaborate on your character’s religion! Are they Christian? Why? Were they raised that way? Are they agnostic with parents who don’t care? They are a Satanist from a Catholic family?

  29. In the eyes of their loved one…Why does their beloved love them back? Why don’t they? Feel free to ask for your partner’s help with this one!

  30. In the eyes of the enemy…Why would/does someone hate them? What’s annoying about them? What could make them insufferable to someone else?

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